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Avant is a state-of-the-art luminaire that includes the latest advances in LED technology dressed with an innovative and elegant design. Perfect for installing on poles of between 4 and 8 meters on both wide and narrow urban and residential streets, urban throughfares, parking lots, parks, squares, avenues, highways and freeways.

  • Body of aerodynamic shapes made of injected aluminium
  • 5mm flat tempered glass
  • Driver and LEDs in separate compartments
  • Quick access without tools
  • Automatic disconnection
  • Excellent thermal management
  • Finless heat dissipation housing
  • Cut-off and antiglare design
  • Installation on Ø 60mm tube on both top and side
  • Adjustable from -20º to +15º
  •  Completely removable tool-less luminaire head or body


ILAVS Avant S Luminaire