Scandinavian laminated pinewood with autoclave (class IV) treatment, for wooden poles which are in direct contact with the ground.

Strength class GL24h.

Durability class 3-4 in acc with EN350-2.

Glue typle I in acc. with EN301.

Finished with 2 layers of lasur monocomponent to water high weatherability. Product formulated from acrylic resins of very fine particle size. Provide effective protection against U.V radiation and atmospheric agents; decorates and evens the tones of the wood giving it a uniform appearance, revealing the natural grain of the wood. Color: Caoba.

- In weather conditions, treated wood adopts a warm honey brown tone colour for then become a natural silver grey.

- In case this type of wood is subjected to variable weather conditions, laminated pinewood can present some tiny cracks on the surface that do not reduce its durability at all. As regards with Resin and knots, please note that these are part of its natural appearance.

PEFC certificate.

Complies with EN14080:2013 - Timber structures - Glued laminated timber and glued solid timber – Requirements.

  • High resistance against wood crack. Made of 3 layers.
  • Protection against rots.
  • Protection against fungus.
  • Protection against wood-eating insects (beetles, termites, etc.).
  • Durability of these characteristics for 10 years.
  1. Applications: Posts / Beams / Boards
  2. Thickness: Standard post 90x90mm
  3. Edge detailing: R5